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I was born in Prague, Czech Republic in 1991 to a middle class family.

Since an early age, I have shown interest in music, particularly piano, which I started to play at the age of 3 and which quickly became my favorite toy.

 I always preferred writing more sentimental, darker music, as I was always able to emotionally relate.  By the age of 13, I started to play guitar and connect with punk rock as well as classic rock'n'roll. I started singing and writing my own songs, which were all very melancholic.

At the age of 15, my mother and sister were able to save enough money for me to record my 1st demo " By The Desk," which caught the attention of multiple producers and talent seekers in the Czech Republic and Europe. 

I recorded my 1st album in Germany under the alias "The Libido." The second album I recorded in Prague, but the album has never been officially released. In between I played with multiple bands along with solo acoustic singer songwriter sets, but due to my lack of confidence paired with a healthy bit of stage fright, I rarely felt satisfied in my endeavors.

After being pulled in multiple directions by fellow musicians involved, I set out looking for my own self-produced sound. At the age of 21 I decided to experiment with electronic music and started producing my own songs.

After moving to Los Angeles, I created a new alias titled "Resin" combining dark beats with cinematic soundscapes and grungy vocals. With Resin, I released two self-produced EPs and one collaborative album with a project called "Orphantales." 

Still battling my stage fright, I received an offer to compose music to a sci-fi script titled "Right Forward Turret."  While working on the score, I realized that music composition and film scoring were my true calling.  Feeling most confident utilizing my talent with not just orchestral music but music across all the genres. 

At this time, I'm based in New York City and have a history of composing multiple scores to short films, commercials and feature length films as well as personal compositions. 

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