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The Alter Ego

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Niko Antonucci is a Prague, Czech Republic-born, Los Angeles, CA-based multi-instrumentliast, singer/songwriter, producer and electronic music artist, who can trace the origins of her music career to when she received piano lessons when she was 6. As teenager, the Prague-born, Los Angeles-based artist began stealing her father’s guitar as a teen — and when she turned 15, she had cut her first demo and began singing and playing in a number of local bands for a number of years. But at a young age, Antonucci recognized that in order to get the exact sound she wanted, she would need to do it herself and she began producing herself.

With her solo, downtempo/industrial electronica project Resin, Antonucci’s sound is inspired by many of the influences that have been a part of her creative life including Nirvana, PortisheadNine Inch Nails ,The CureChelsea Wolfe, as well as ambient electronica and classic music, while thematically focusing on spirituality, dark magic, being an outsider and so on.  

Resin, agonized for years over what direction her music would take. “I was too afraid to share my music since I felt it was lacking depth and uniform sound,” she says. “I spent months and months just writing new songs on the go, while at work, while watching TV, while falling asleep and still, I didn’t know where I was. Also because it’s been about four or five years since I have exposed myself to an audience, to direct criticism that I take so hard, I was terrified.”

In 2017 she released herEP, “Fidget,” an icy, foreboding five-pack of electronic music that ranges from slow-mo industrial to throbbing trance behind the singer’s pleading rasp. The EP’s closers, “Cartwright” and “Hoarse,” deliver the biggest cathartic moments, all sweat and steel as they document a period in Resin’s life when she was “going through a rough time, struggling mentally,” she says. Like the music of artists such as Chelsea Wolfe, maybe “Fidget” can be an immersive soundtrack for others, too.

Resin is currently working on a new album which should be ready by the end of 2022.

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